There's nothing so relaxing on a sunny afternoon, than hitching up a llama or llama-team and sitting back as they trot contentedly on down the road.


Before long it becomes clear the llamas enjoy the drive and the changing scenery equally as much as their human passengers.

Llama carting is one of the more recent llama activities ... friends can share the experience ...and those not fond of walking can view the countryside in comfort, without so much as setting a foot on the ground.


In South America, carting is uncommon ... in fact, it's only over the past 10 years or so this new activity has become popular in North America and Australia.

Now it's a popular past-time for weddings, parades, Santa's appearances, shows, charity days, transporting hay and farm equipment or simply for fun.

Some llama enthusiasts race their carting llamas - registering speeds of over 45kmph. Although this may not appeal universally - there is definitely the occasional 'llama-speedster' out there.


Carting is a great marketing tool, too, not only for llamas, but also for anything you wish to promote, be it in ...or on ... the cart.

Once, llamas were trained to pull carts singly, and at times with poor results.

The belief only 1 in 10 llamas would prove suitable for the task, placed carting in the too hard basket for many.

Today cart-training llamas in pairs, or even triplets has alleviated this problem.


Llamas, like most animals, are happiest with their own kind, so often respond better to cart training when harnessed with a mate. When training llamas in pairs or triples it's not unusual to have 2 or 3 as yet 'untrained' llamas driving happily together after just one lesson.

Five or six more outings in pairs or triples are necessary to fine-tune their skills ... but, after that most llamas will confidently pull a cart alone.

Gender is unimportant for a driving llama. Both male and female llamas can pull carts but like athletes, some are better than others. A 30km trip is a breeze for a well-conditioned llama, but one who spends the day lazing in the paddock, soaking up the sun, will probably find 5-10kms quite enough.

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