When Anita and I first considered the possibility of owning llamas, one of the things which appealed to us most was their reputed ease of handling.

This truly seemed to be a 'no-fuss' animal ... and that was a very important consideration.

We knew, initially at least, we would need to combine our llama breeding activities with other work commitments and, in the early stages, the amount of time available to spend training and caring for them would be limited.

Easily trained! Easily bred! No problems birthing! Minimal health requirements ...etc. These were the claims, and certainly for the most part, we have found this to be so.

But, like most farmers dealing with livestock, we have found there will always be the exception which 'proves the rule'. And again ... like many animal owners before us ... we learnt by experience.

Admittedly, there haven't been many problems, but perhaps reading about those which did occur, and the solutions we found to them, will make it easier for others ...

13 months - and still no cria!
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Disrespectful Llama
Late-Day Babies

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