Like most llama breeding enterprises, our stud males are the basis of our breeding program. Sometimes, it seems as if they are fully aware of their pride of place.


Redgum Macho

DOB 6-6-1996
Hoochie Coochie
Macho Macho

Service Fee A$1,500

Redgum is our Number 1 boy and knows it. As shown in "Our Crias" Redgum produces beautiful offspring consistently. They exhibit his superb conformation and style and have inherited his sweet disposition. Redgum is over 190cms to the top of head, yet Anita, only 150cms, easily halters and handles him in performance classes at shows.

Class Act Fuerte

DOB 4-8-1996
Say You Will

Hinterland El Fuerte

Service Fee A$1,500

Class Act produces stunning crias, well conformed and with fine Lanuda fleece. The only llama in Australia with the magnificent El Fuerte bloodlines, Classy is very special to us. At the Apollo Bay Llama Show 15/1/2000 Class Act won not only his class in the conformation section but also was judged Supreme Champion Performance Llama.

Alyeska Notson

DOB 6-5-1998
Alyeska Killala Belle

Hinterland Nottingham

Service Fee A$1,500

Notson is the new kid on the block. His sire, Nottingham, superbly conformed, with beautiful suri fibre, whom we imported from the US in 1996, unfortunately produced only 8 offspring before his untimely death in 1997, (6 females and 2 males).

The male offspring were stud quality, but resulted from matings to llamas of other breeders. Anxious to retain Nottingham's bloodlines, we investigated the possibility of buying one of these males and to our delight, discovered both were for sale.

We are most grateful to Bruce and Liz Andrews (Llamas of Alyeska) for selling us Notson. Notson's dam Killala Belle, like his sire, is a Lanuda llama, superbly conformed with flowing suri fleece and Notson has inherited the suri fibre from his parents.

Llovely Banks Shakespeare

DOB 12-9-1996
Inca King Rogers Boy
x Elle

He carts, he treks, he's a wiz over obstacles!
By far our best
PR Llama ... & as important to us as any stud male.

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