At Llovely Banks we have 3 Llama Workshops available.

Introduction to Llamas,
Llama Carting Clinics ...and
Llama Open Days.

Introduction to Llamas
The Introduction to Llamas Workshop is designed for beginners, and provides participants with the opportunity to meet and learn about llamas whilst mingling with our herd of more than 50 animals. To ensure individual needs are met, Workshop group numbers are limited. Attendees learn where to start and what to expect. The atmosphere is informal with ample opportunity to handle the animals, ask questions and take photos.

Topics covered in Introduction to Llamas include:

Selecting Your First Llama Basic Care
Herding Animal Husbandry
Catching Herd Management
Restraining Llama Conformation
Handling Llama Uses
Training Types of Llamas
Leading Investing in Llamas

... and much more!

'The Introduction to Llamas' Workshop runs for 6 hours allowing plenty of time for participants to observe, handle and learn about these gentle creatures in their home territory. Each participant receives a copy of our booklet "An Introduction to Llamas" and morning tea and lunch is provided.

Llama Open Day
Our Open Days are free of charge and take place between 10am and 4pm.

We encourage all our visitors to stroll through the llama areas ... alone or accompanied ... giving them the opportunity to interact with the animals for however long they choose.

A llama display showing different llama uses and a range of llama related equipment is set up and complimentary tea and coffee is available throughout the day.

When attending our Open Days we make just one request. Please remember the importance of leaving each gate as you find it. If a gate is open - leave it open ... and if a gate is closed, keep it closed. The last thing we need is unwanted llama pregnancies.

Llama Carting Clinic
At Carting Clinics we aim to have each untrained group of llamas working together as a team by the clinic's end. We begin by familiarising attendees with harnesswear and driving equipment before we move into the training. Attendees who own llamas are encouraged to bring their untrained llamas along so we may introduce each to cart and harness.

It's not unusual to have llamas ... with no previous harness experience ... quite comfortable with the harness and cart by the end of a clinic. We begin by training them in pairs or triples ...but never in single-harness. Our carts are designed with adjustable shafts so may be driven with one, two or three llamas. Llama carting clinics run for 6 hours. Morning tea and lunch is included.


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